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The Roman Invasions of Britain

Britain was invaded by the Romans on four occasions - twice by Julius Caesar in 55 and 54 BC, by Claudius in AD43 and in AD 296 by Constantius Chlorus.  These invasions remain a constant topic of scholarly debate, largely because of the varied and at times insubstantial quality of documentary source material.

Making use of the extant documentary evidence, the resources of maritime archaeology and the relevant environmental evidence, the author studies the challenges presented by a sea-borne attack across the English Channel and how these might have been overcome by Roman invasion armies.  He not only reconstructs the ships and their likely performance, but also examines weather patterns, tidal regimes and coastline changes.  The result is a fascinating and original picture of Roman naval strategy and Roman seamanship in the English Channel over three centuries.



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ISBN: 9780752433387

Product Code: BKRIOBG

Author: Dr Gerald Grainge

Format: Paperback

192 pages

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