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Chronicle of the Roman Emperors

A book focusing on the succession of 80 Roman Emperors, using time-lines and visual aids. Information such as who built the Colosseum and when Rome was sacked by the Goths is provided. There are biographical portraits of the 56 principal emperors from Augustus to Constantine, with a concluding section on the later emperors. Contemporary judgements made by writers such as Suetonius and Tacitus are balanced by character assessments made in the light of modern research. The famous and the infamous emperors are all looked at, including Caligula and Claudius, Trajan and Caracalla. Each emperor is introduced by a coin portrait, a bust and a datafile listing information about their lives.

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ISBN: 9780500289891

Product Code: BKCRE

Author: Chris Scarre

Format: Paperback

Published by Thames & Hudson

240 pages

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