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Life in a Roman Legionary Fortress

The Roman legions were the formidable, highly organised and welldisciplined backbone of the Roman army, vital to maintaining order and control of the borders of the Empire and its subjugated peoples. The fortresses that were the bases of the legions reflected their values: purposeful, hierarchical and an intimidating display of Roman culture. But what was it like to live in one of these fortresses? What was the everyday experience of the legionary, centurion and commander? Life in a Roman Legionary Fortress provides a fascinating insight into the inner mechanisms of the castrum and the people who maintained it. Using the fortresses at Chester, York, Caerleon and across the Empire, Tim Copeland reconstructs the complex workings of these legionary camps and provides readers with the archaeological and literary evidence that gives us an insight into life behind the high walls.

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ISBN: 9781445643588

Product Code: BKRLF

Author: Tim Copeland

Format: Paperback

96 pages

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