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Shire - Roman Baths in Britain

Almost every Roman site in Britain seemed to have had its baths. They needed to be strongly built and to a large extent were constructed below contemporary ground level. As a result the remains of Roman baths have resisted demolition and subsequent damage by the plough. The purpose of this book is to explain how Roman baths came to be built, how they were constructed, how they were used and how they worked.Tony Rook is a building technologist and an Extramural Tutor in Archaeology. His many reports include that on Dicket Mead, the Roman villa whose baths he sucessfully preserved in a vault under the A1(M) motorway at Welwyn, Hertfordshire.

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ISBN: 9780747801573

Product Code: BKSHRB

Author: Tony Rook

Format: Paperback

64 pages

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