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Shire - Roman Forts in Britain

This book examines Roman forts in Britain from the first to the fourth century. It describes the layout of a fort and traces how forts developed from the marching camps thrown up each night by the army on campaign to the almost impregnable strongholds of the Saxon Shore. Forts, fortresses, fortlets, watch-towers and signal stations are in turn examined, and the defences and individual buildings of the fort and its annex analysed. Other chapters deal with how the Roman soldiers built the fort and the life of the men stationed there. A gazetteer of forts worth visiting is included and there is also a select bibliography. The book is illustrated with both line drawings and photographs, all closely related to the text, and there are several reconstruction drawings.

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ISBN: 9780747805335

Product Code: BKSHRF

Author: David J Breeze

Format: Paperback

72 pages

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