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Chronicle of Roman Republic

From Romulus to Augustus, the Chronicle of the Roman Republic examines the succession of leaders who took Rome from a small fortified hilltop to the greatest empire of antiquity. Here we meet the builders of Rome - superstitious, brutal and utterly uncompromising, but often men of great honour and principle. They could stoop to the depths of depravity, but could also be unflinchingly, even suicidally, brave. This book describes 56 of the foremost Romans of the Republic, spanning the centuries from its birth to its bloody death. In this history we see the best and worst of the Roman elite. Some, such as Tarquin the Proud, Julius Caesar and Pompey are well known. Others are less familiar - men like Licinius Crassus, a kind father and a loving husband, who captured slaves in their thousands. Or Cato the Censor, upright and incorruptible, xenophobic and misogynistic. This is a highly readable and authoritative account, ideal for home or school reference, and as a companion to the bestselling Chronicle of the Roman Emperors.

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ISBN: 9780500287637

Product Code: BKCRR

Author: Philip Matyszak

Published by: Thames & Hudson

Format: Paperback

240 pages

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