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Newcastle upon Tyne Steve Newman & Graeme Peacock

The vibrant life of today's Newcastle is wonderfully portrayed in this new book. There are spectacular pictures of old favourites such as the Tyne Bridge and Grey's Monument but more to the point, the pictures of the City's newest features such as the Swirle Pavilion, the Blacksmiths Needle, the Centre for Life and the Millennium Bridge are absolutely stunning. If you are local, this is a book that will make you proud of your city and if you have just arrived here or are one of our guests, we hope you will let this book introduce you to our city and take it home with you as reminder of your visit. This is a journey through the ages, from Roman times to the present day. It contains a great deal of interesting information, which gives an insight into the life of a city that seems to have always been in the forefront of innovation from feats of engineering to a well known brand of Liver Salts being named after one of the city's churches, and from advances in medical research to the splendid Tyneside Classical architecture of Dobson and Grainger. Amongst some of the little gems here that could be passed many a time without realising their splendour are Milburn House, with its lovely ceramic tiles, and the facade of Emerson Chambers. There are other amazing treasures that run under the streets of Newcastle such as the Victoria Tunnel, and public reminders of past times like the name 'Bake House' carved in the stonework of the old workhouse buildings that are now part of Newcastle General Hospital. There are fascinating facts in the little boxes that grace some of the pages and throw light on such things as Cuckoo lack's skills, whose ring was found in a salmon caught in the Tyne, and what famous occasion was commemorated in Miss Murray's Half Moon Inn! This is a book that can be read avidly from cover to cover or just dipped into when time allows, but it may just make you want get out there to look more closely at this marvellous city.

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ISBN: 9780954802417

Product Code: BKNEW1

Author: Steve Newman

Photos: Graeme Peacock

Format: Hardback

175 pages

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Price: £ 5.99