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The Border Reivers - Godfrey Watson

Armstrong, Nixon, Elliott, Scott, Charlton, Robson and Bell... there must be hundreds and thousands of men and women bearing these names and in whose veins runs the blood of The Border Reivers.  Re-issued due to popular demand, this book gives a fascinating insight into sixteenth-century Border life.  Against a background of robbery and violence, of hangings and ex-communication, of Border Law, and Border Ballads, stalk the legendary figures of Wat O'Harden and the Bold Buccleuch, of Johnny Armstrong and Kinmont Willie, of Hobby Noble and Jock O' the Side, and the Warden of the Marshes whose unenviable task it was to try and restrain them.

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ISBN: 9780957286054

Product Code: BKBRGW

Author: Godfrey Watson

Format: Paperback

224 pages

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Price: £ 11.99