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Secret North Shields and Tynemouth

Situated in Tyne and Wear, the neighbouring communities of North Shields and Tynemouth are very different, but each has depended on the other for its existence over the years. Tynemouth is a small pretty seaside village overlooking the harbour of the River Tyne. Conversely, North Shields is a hard, industrial town, which was founded on the industries of mining, fishing and salt. The ruins of Tynemouth Priory and Castle dominate a rocky headland and today attract many visitors. The priory was built in around 1090 on the site of a much earlier chapel and although the prior had considerable influence, critically, he had no power over neighbouring Newcastle upon Tyne. In this book author David Scholey explores the rich history of the area and uncovers some surprises and secrets along the way. The book relates how the town and village came into existence and the battles with Newcastle over the existence of North Shields, once described as ‘a town where no towns ought to be’. Readers will also discover more about the local people – the sailors, inventors and entertainers – and how, against the odds, they still remain proud and defiant. Illustrated throughout, Secret North Shields & Tynemouth offers a fascinating insight into the heritage of this part of the North East, and will be of immense interest to residents, visitors and all those with connections to the area.

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ISBN: 9781398105843

Paperback 96 pages

David Scholey

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