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The Legend of the Lambton Worm - Terry Deary

The Lambton Worm is evil, EVIL, EVIL. And all it needs to be set free is someone to perform one wicked act, just one bad deed. When young John Lambton, son of Lord Lambton, defies his father and sneaks out of the castle at dawn on a Sunday morning to go fishing, he has no idea of the evil that he is setting in motion.

As a bonus, the book also contains the words to the traditional rhyme.  

The Legend of the Lambton Worm is one of the first stories I remember being told as a child. The family would go to Penshaw Hill in Sunderland and have a picnic under the famous monument. My Dad sang the famous song then told me the story. I became a folk singer and have sung the story all around Britain. Now I live in the Durham hills and can look out of my office window, as I write, and see Penshaw hill. Completing a circle, I have taken my own grandchildren there to tell them the story. One day they may take their grandchildren, who knows? The story deserves to live forever. Terry Deary

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ISBN: 9781739486129

Paperback 96 pages
Author Terry Deary
Illustrated by Chloe Rodham



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